Rkey Pearls are the key to give a touch of magic to your products.
We have an amazing wide range of pearlescent pigments that allow you to create shiny and intense colors.
RKey Pearls can be used in all types of cosmetics: make up, nail polishes, creams.
Thanks to our different substrates, we are able to give brightness and depth that allow to create custom nuances.

RKeyPearls Moonlight 6031 Shot Violet

RKeyPearls Double 67500 Green Gray

RKeyPearls Double 67205 Red Gold

RKeyPearls Double 67635 Blue Green

RKeyPearls Magic 90520 Red Orange

RKeyPearls Magic 97254 Green Blue

RKeyPearls Magic 97515 Golden Green

RKeyPearls Globe 510 Coffee

RKeyPearls Globe 0045 Bronze

RKeyPearls Globe 0654 Red Brown

RKeyPearls Thunder 66R1 Peach Pink

RKeyPearls Thunder 6023 Shot Red

RKeyPearls Thunder 6033 Red Violet

RKeyPearls Moonlight 6035 Dark Purple

RKeyPearls Moonlight 6031 Shot Violet

RKeyPearls Moonlight 6091 Black Grey

RKeyPearls Summer 913 King Gold

RKeyPearls Summer 351 Shiny Gold

RKeyPearls Summer 0033 Super Gold